Be safe. Stay home. Drink coffee!

Be safe. Stay home. Drink coffee!

Let us not discuss the second surge of Covid19, or the impending horror of another year  without mentioning what’s happening around us right now. The crowd in the markets are still swelling. People have again started flocking to movie theatres, restaurants and shopping malls.

And some of us are even arranging house parties. So are we all living in denial? Or are we suffering from pandemic fatigue? Will you agree with the medical professionals that these party goers do not care about the people dying in this pandemic?
Or are we willing to accept that these people have had too much? And for too long? We do not want to vilify these people. But we are not endorsing violation of social distancing.

We are into the fourth month of 2021. And we have literally spent more than a whole year keeping ourselves away from people and everything that defined our normal lives — schools, offices, gyms, coffee shops, travelling, meeting our friends and families. It wasn’t easy. And there seems to be no end in sight.

Now we have a vaccine to bank on. But relief is far from near. With the prioritizing of vaccine doses for frontline workers to begin with, then to senior citizens, the entire population of the country has still some time to get vaccinated with the required two doses. For time being, there’s only a rising death toll and recurring restrictions.

Social distancing has taken a toll on us. Because we are social animals. We all want our old lives back, and because of that some of us are giving in to our desires. We are keen to go for shopping, but we don’t want others to — because then there will be too much crowd. We take the elevator once in a while, but we cringe the moment the lift arrives with another person in it. We want to eat out, but we become skeptical when we see other people back at the restaurant tables. Now, please do not get us wrong. Weare not endorsing these actions! But we are not condemning them either.

We only have one message for all of you – Covid19 is unsparing. And this is as true as the lockdown fatigue. We have come so far in keeping ourselves safe. Why not push ourselves a little more, and stay at home and stay safe — just for some more months.
As one says, you can party only when you are alive.

The novel coronavirus has now infected millions of people worldwide. In India also, situation is quite grim. The World Health Organistaion (WHO) has recommended following social distancing strictly to curtail the spread. Following the second surge, many countries have again imposed lockdowns, and have urged their people to stay at home as it is the only prevention from contracting COVID-19.

Till date, there is no evidence of food, drink or related packaging being linked to the transmission or positive cases of the Coronavirus. It spreads mostly directly from person to person when an infected person talks, sneezes or coughs respiratory droplets that the well person inhales.

If it creates a sense of much-needed normalcy in your routine or feels like a special treat, it’s fine to get coffee during the coronavirus pandemic. But if you’d prefer to be super-safe and stay at home, Satheesh Kaapi will assure delivery at your doorsteps.

Orders may take some extra time to process as we are taking all possible precautions we can to minimise social contact. As always, we adhere to all food safety and hygiene practices. We would like to assure you that your coffee is roasted and packed in a food safe environment. Your safety is our number one priority.

The team at Satheesh Kaapi would like to wish you all the best. Let us join hands together to get rid of this pandemic and come back to normalcy at the earliest.
Stay safe. Stay home.

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