Love Is In The Air

Love Is In The Air

Love is in the air, so is the smell of freshly brewed coffee! February is the month we all wait for, as this is the Month of Love, and Valentine’s Day adds a spark of celebration to it. Coffee is good for love. This is a truth we all believe in, and even more on Valentine’s.

Coffee is acclaimed as a tasty beverage across the world and impacts our mood. It is revitalizing and aphrodisiac. Taking advantage of this on Valentine’s Day, one should take some quality coffee time to create a stronger bond with people close to your heart.

All the coffee lovers know the feeling while waking up in the morning. You hit the snooze button a couple of times, groggily roll out of bed, and head to the kitchen to make your first cup of coffee. Bam! It hits you, that aroma. You have smelled it thousands of times before, but somehow on each occasion, the effect is unique. It is that aroma, which evokes your senses every single time.

There is nothing quite like that first cup. The one that brings you out of slumber and sets the mood for the day. Do not settle for a mediocre cup of coffee. This is your day, and you have so many possibilities lying ahead of you. Why start the day on the wrong note?

Coffee is that amazing drink that fuels your body in the morning and keeps you going all day. Astonishingly, there are many myths associated with it. Let us discuss some of them while we enjoy our favorite cuppa in this Month of Love.

Coffee Dehydrates

This is the most common coffee myth and truly a humorous one. Everyone knows that coffee is made of water and water always hydrates you. Studies have proven that drinking caffeinated drinks in moderation does not dehydrate you.
You Lose Weight When You Drink Coffee
A cup of coffee normally leads to an increased metabolism rate, but not enough to burn the fat. Sorry folks, to disappoint you, but one needs to head out to the gym as there is no proof that coffee can help you lose weight.

Drinking Coffee Is An Addiction
This myth may have some merit and some health experts say it can be a bit addictive, but overall it is not true. Scientists say this does not qualify as an addiction.

Darker Roasts Are Stronger

This one requires more explanation to unveil the truth. In terms of caffeine, the darker your roast the lesser caffeine (light roasts will have just a bit extra). People assume that espresso contains more caffeine than a regular cup.
Spending this special day the way we did back then has become quite common, with the focus on togetherness. February 14 is as inclusive as ever and celebrates all forms of love: romantic, platonic, and self-love.
While flowers and chocolates remain high on gift shoppers lists, consumers are looking for new ways to celebrate this day, not just simply spending time with their significant others, but also with family, friends, co-workers, and pets.

This shift is caused by a more socially conscious and influential younger generation. And they’re the ones in charge: younger millennials, ages 23–29, are the most likely generation to splash out on Valentine’s Day since they make up for the majority of singles. Gen Z and millennials are no more interested in over-the-top romantic content. They are celebrating Valentine’s Day for the fun of it.

But, do we require this one day out of the entire year to declare our love for each other? Do all the warm, fuzzy feelings boil down to some chocolates and sharing a cup of coffee with our loved ones? A lot has changed over the past year. We stuck with our loved ones and saw a lot more of them than we ever imagined. Most of us worked remotely, as our kids yelled in the background while attempting to take online classes. This Valentine’s Day, we can step away from all that. We have this one day to plan something special and breathe.

Let us pause, remember why we all love each other and are thankful to have all our loved ones. Let us shower our loved ones with special tokens of our appreciation from our favorite SatheeshKaapi to keep them going as we return to normalcy.

Let us sign off with a classic coffee pun to brighten your day:

Words cannot espresso how much you mean to me!

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