Winter and Coffee

Winter and Coffee

The mercury has started dipping and winter has started to set in. Wake up and embrace the morning. The woolens are out from the closet . A cup of hot coffee is a real treat in this weather. And in celebration of the chirpy weather outside, we offer five refreshing flavours for an enticing cup of coffee to satiate your taste buds – Bhoomi, Cloudy Aranya, Hasiru Ayush, Misty Nadi and Shanth Aag. The fine blends and aromas will sure keep you warm. The gloomy winters will never be dark and dreary with a warm cup of Satheesh Kaapi.

Talking about that daily cup of coffee, it’s hard to consider saying no to the aroma and taste. The taste of caffeine comes in handy on chilly winter days, and a warm cup is quite comforting in the winters.

Coffee Winter delight

Coffee is great during the summer, but the cold of winter makes drinking coffee even easier than usual. There are a lot of great beverages that people like to enjoy during the cold, winter months. And the most popular one is undoubtedly coffee that are served at coffee shops or at homes.

No matter what coffee drink someone prefers, coffee drinkers everywhere can agree that the best time of the year for our favorite drink is during the cold months of the year. Winter brings with it many opportunities for new adventures, but on especially frosty days, there’s nothing more enticing than going to a cozy place with a warm drink and good company.

Coffee Health benefits

Coughs and sneezes are all too common in winter, as our body tries to fight off winter bugs and viruses. Coffee actually is beneficial to your health. It contains a whole host of vitamin and nutrients, including vitamins B2 and B5* that will help to keep you healthy.

Coffee Cool beverage

Over the years, coffee has been transformed from a bitter beverage consumed mainly by the elite to a beverage the youth have come to brand cool. A cup of coffee sets the mood for any scenario – feeling good or feeling low, being in the company of family and friends or being alone. In a way, a cup of coffee completes you and is always there when you need it the most. A beverage in need, is a beverage indeed.

Be social, grab a cup of coffee in the winters. It will loosen you up and get you relaxed.

*Source: foostruct

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