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Hasiru Aayush Premium Arabica Healthy Green Beans - 250Grms

Hasiru Aayush Premium Arabica Healthy Green Beans - 250Grms

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Nestled Amidst The Pristine Rainforests Of The Western Ghats In The State Of Karnataka, Sharing Space With Tropical Forests And Gurgling Streams Of The Magnificent Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary Not Very Far Away, Our Green Coffee Bean “HASIRU AAYUSH” Comes Infused With A Hint Of Areca Nut, Cardamom And Indian Black Pepper Growing Around It And Brings Out The Wild Flavor Of The Nearby Forest.  A Combination Of Fertile Volcanic Red Earth And Deep Sandy Loam Brings With It A Subtle Bitterness Synonymous With A Healthy Cup Of Green Coffee.


  • Soak, 15 to 20 g of our “Hasiru Aayush”, Green Coffee Beans overnight approximately (7 to 10 hours) in approximately 250 to 300 ml water (1 mug).
  • Heat the soaked beans and bring to boil for a total of 12 to 14 minutes.
  • Remove from flame and let it cool naturally for a little while.
  • Sieve the liquid to separate the beans and serve Hot or Warm.


*Quantity of 15 to 20 g could be changed to suit individual taste and requirement.

*The longer you soak / boil the beans, the stronger / bitter the taste on the palate.  You may vary the time to suit individual taste and requirement.

*Being naturally bitter, you may add sweeteners like Sugar / Jaggary / Honey / Maple Syrup / Cardamom as per your taste.However we suggest minimum or no use of sweeteners.


CONTENTS: Washed & Dried Coffee Beans

Contains Coffee Arabica 100 %
Nutritional Information Approximate Values per 100 g
Energy 388.07 kcal
Protein 13.51 g
Fat 7.23 g
Carbohydrates 67.24 g





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