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Misty Nadi Authentic 80/20 Blended Filter Coffee Powder - 250Grms

Misty Nadi Authentic 80/20 Blended Filter Coffee Powder - 250Grms

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A Majestic Blend Of 80% Coffee Combining Mild Low Altitude Arabica & Sun Dried Robusta With 20% Chicory. Has A Light Thickness From The Robusta And Chicory With A Hint Of Mildness From The Arabica. Together With A Splash Of Milk And A Dash Of Sugar It Feels Like The Mist Over A River At Sunrise. Let’s Kick Start Your Day With A Cup Of Great Blended Indian Filter Coffee.

80/20 blended filter coffee is your go-to option to a perfect cup of coffee within a few minutes.

INGREDIENTS: Coffee Powder & Chicory.

Coffee Blended With Chicory
This Mixture Contains
Coffee 80 %
Chicory 20 %


Nutritional Information Approximate Values per 100 g
Energy 396.73 kcal
Protein 13.9 g
Fat 5.25 g
Carbohydrates 73.47 g
Sugar Nil


To Retain Freshness, Once Opened
Transfer Contents Into A Clean Air-Tight
Container Immediately. Always Use
Clean, Dry Spoon & Store In A Cool, Dry &
Hygienic Place.

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