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Shanth Aag Finest Arabica Medium Roasted Coffee Beans - 200Grms

Shanth Aag Finest Arabica Medium Roasted Coffee Beans - 200Grms

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Made from 100% Arabica from the low altitude of Chikmagalur, Shanth Aag arouses your senses in every sip.

A warm cup gives you the hint of wild flavours of Areca Nut and Black Pepper which grows in the nearby pristine rainforest of Western Ghats.

Enjoy these mildly roasted coffee black or with a dash of milk and hint of sweetness of your choice.

Arabica medium roasted beans are handpicked that taste quite bitter and are darker in flavour.

INGREDIENTS: Washed, Dried & Mildly
Roasted Coffee Beans.

Contains Coffee Arabica 100 %
Nutritional Information Approximate Values per 100 g
Energy 437.8 kcal
Protein 16.71 g
Fat 12.32 g
Carbohydrates 65.02 g
Sugar Nil

To Retain Freshness, Once Opened
Transfer Contents Into A Clean Air-Tight
Container Immediately. Always Use
Clean, Dry Spoon & Store In A Cool, Dry &
Hygienic Place.


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